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Bluetooth Headset Pairing
Shenzhen ISK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2016

After many consumers to buy a Bluetooth headset, plagued by the most vulnerable is not able to pair your cell phone with a Bluetooth headset, of course, will not be able to call using a Bluetooth headset. To pair your Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone is very simple, just follow the following methods can basically guarantee a success. First of all, the Bluetooth headset is fully charged, headphone power doesn't use enough; this is simple, but ignored by many eager to test consumers, often even as some headphones broke.

The phone's Bluetooth feature is turned on, then a Bluetooth icon will appear on the screen. Open is completed, phone prompts you whether to search

Bluetooth devices, select "Yes". While long pressing the Bluetooth headset power button on the top until the Bluetooth headset's work led to long on the top. After search phone to a Bluetooth headset, there will be a few seconds of the footage stationary, displayed on the top to find Bluetooth device; at this time please be patient to wait until the phone display correctly on the Bluetooth headset's name and model number, and then select "paired devices". At this time, the phone will be prompted on the screen, allowing you to enter the pairing code, hopefully Bluetooth headset pairing code is "0000" or "1234", specific passkey, please read the instructions. After pairing is completed, you can use a Bluetooth headset to answer a call. Next time whether it is turn off the phone or Bluetooth headset, open again you only need to turn on the Bluetooth feature, there are some phones need to press and hold a key.

Contact Us

Address:2nd Floor,Building D, Quanyuanfa Industrial Park, Guanlan Avenue, No. 73, Longhua District,Shenzhen,China




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