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You can't guess the Bluetooth headset radiation!
Shenzhen ISK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 03, 2018

 First of all, for modern people, the radiation problem of mobile phones has become the biggest threat to mobile phone users. A test conducted by scientific researchers showed that when the mobile phone is connected, the radiation generated is 20 times higher than that generated during the call; some people say that when the phone is answered, if the phone is not close to the ear, it can be reduced by 80% to 90%. The amount of radiation. However, to answer the phone in a noisy place, how many people are not holding the phone close to the ear?

      So, is there any radiation in the Bluetooth headset? How big is the radiation of the Bluetooth headset? In fact, in theory, any kind of electrical products will produce certain spokes during operation.

      Shooting, Bluetooth headset is no exception, but because the Bluetooth headset power consumption is very low, the actual radiation generated is relatively small, you don't have to worry, the electromagnetic wave radiation of the Bluetooth headset is less than one percent of the ordinary earphone, and it is built more than CDMA. Kang environmental protection.

      To give two examples: For the expectant mothers who are pregnant, radiation is the enemy of life. But our daily life is inseparable from mobile phones, so choosing a wireless Bluetooth headset is the most appropriate. Let's take a look at the road, whether you are a biker or a driver, or a crowded car, it is very troublesome if you have a phone call during the peak hours of commuting. But with the wireless Bluetooth headset is much better, the headset is worn on the ear, set to automatically answer, you do not have to touch the button when you call, and the effect of the headset is good, even in the noisy place on the road.

      Even though the Bluetooth headset is very convenient and the radiation is small, I still remind you not to use it for a long time. If you wear headphones for a long time, it is a kind of torture to the ear, which will cause problems such as inflammation of the ear and hearing loss. Although the radiation is very small, the object must be reversed. It is necessary to grasp the degree of goodness. If necessary, wear it and use it. Physical health is still the last word.

Contact Us

Address:2nd Floor,Building D, Quanyuanfa Industrial Park, Guanlan Avenue, No. 73, Longhua District,Shenzhen,China




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